Lecrác – Art Center / Palencia
Collective exhibition “Mujeres encarceladas”organized by Blanco, Negro and Magenta

Sofía Bassi, is my piece for this exhibition. Handmade collage. Size: 100x40 cm

In 1968, the Mexican artist Sofía Bassi, turned herself in to the police and incriminated herself for the murder of her son-in-law, the Count d’Acquarone. She spent 5 years in prison for the alleged crime, which according to the official version, turned out to be a cover to cover the murder committed by his daughter, after discovering the practices of pedophilia of her husband towards her younger brother.

This piece, represents an inversion of symbols. The iconic figure of Michelangelo’s Pieta, protagonist and central figure of the piece, offers her own freedom in exchange for the protection of her daughter.