Besides my graphic dessigner and art director work, I develop handmade collages as personal expression (art works). I do collage too for editorial projects, music CDs, profesional decoration projects, fashion, and another aplications.

I have dedicated many years to working with this technique. I always work manually: I’m interested in scissors, glue, and the exploration of various materials (ready made). I work small, medium and large format, but always applying handmade collage techniques, without redimensions or digital retouching. I usually mount my pieces on rigid support, so that they become volumetric figures, small sculptures made of paper, cardboard or wood.

The female figure is largely the central focus of my work. I also work on the idea of generic diversity and other social issues, always with surrealistic language, and allowing total freedom of interpretation to the observer. I like people to think for themselves, to have their own opinion about what they observe.

I am inspired by artistic movements such as Dadaism, ready-made, pop art, street art, and anything that seeks to transgress what has been socially established as “normal and correct.”

I was born in Donosti (Basque Country – Spain). I have lived for many years in Barcelona, where I studied graphic design at the emblematic Massana School. During the last years I have lived and worked temporarily also in Formentera, Madrid and Berlin. Nowadays I’m living and working between Madrid and Barcelona.

I’m member of the women artists associations, Blanco Negro and Magenta and MAV, and VEGAP.

Photos: Raul Bartolomé

La Isla Gallery – Madrid – Solo exhibition – March 2017
Arteuparte Gallery – Donostia – Solo exhibition – March 2017
El Imparcial – Madrid – Solo exhibition – February 2017
Arteuparte Gallery – Donostia – Solo exhibition – June 2016
Antidote Art Gallery – Bayonne – Permanent exhibition. Original work and prints for sale
Arteuparte Gallery – Donostia – Permanent exhibition. Original work and prints for sale
Lecrác – Palencia – Collective exhibition – October 2017
CEART Fuenlabrada – Collective exhibition – September 2017
Espai Cavallers Gallery – Lérida – Collective exhibition – July 2017
Tigumigu Gallery – Terassa – Collective exhibition – May 2017
Women House – Zaragoza- Collective exhibition – April 2017
Espai [B] Gallery – Barcelona. Collective exhibition – July 2015
Artevistas Gallery – Barcelona – Permanent exhibition and original work for sale – 2015
Mutuo Art Center – Barcelona – Permanent exhibition and prints for sale – 2015
Linus Art Galleries – Los Angeles – Work selected as “Juried Exhibition Winner”
Collective exhibition “The Opposite Sex” – 2015
Espai [B] Gallery – Barcelona – Collective exhibition – December 2014
Pop-Up Art Gallery – Berlín – Collective exhibition – September 2014
Fieber Festival – Berlín – Participation in collective exhibition of plastic artists in
the Fieber Festival – 2013
La Fiera – Madrid – Exhibition and prints for sale – 2011-12
Consentido – Madrid – Exhibition of large format mural work – 2011-12

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