Adquisición colección privada Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection (EEUU).

Dos piezas de collage manual / 27x35 cm

MIX series speaks about the human mixture. The mix between people, but above all the mix that we all have in ourselves as polyhedral people.
Far from the binary reading of our actual society, I believe that people are a mixture, we are not black or white, high or low, young or old, man or women, we are more than that. Each of us is a mixture of many periods of history, different ideas and education.
That is why in these pieces I have worked mixing two types of materials:
On one hand, I have worked with two portraits of two transsexual people. The figure of the “feminine” collage had been a man, and the person of the “masculine” collage previously had the look of a woman. On the other hand, I have used images of old paintings mixed with current photos, to create a mixture in time.
With these collage I want to express that we are all in constant change, each in our own way, and we are mixed.
The portraits that I have used in these pieces are by the Catalan photographer Mar C. Llop, therefore, it is also a collaborative work between two contemporary artists. In other words, another more mix.