Collage by Women
Collage by Women presents a careful selection of the artworks of fifty international women artists who work in the field of collage today. Curated by the Spanish collage artist Rebeka Elizegi, the book gives space to women from a diverse range of backgrounds and to a wide spectrum of artistic expression. Through doing so, it reveals the great variety of perspectives that are shaping the collage scene today and highlights the many female artistic initiatives within the collage family that are flourishing and thriving around the world. From emerging names to more established ones, the artists featured here are pushing artistic boundaries.
Collage by Women seeks to call attention to the experiences and creative processes of artists who should be on everyone’s radar by presenting their impressive range of manual and digital techniques, as well as their trailblazing thematic and aesthetic choices, through hundreds of full-colour images of their works and texts that provide in-depth takes on the inspiration, influences and career paths of each artist.